December 05, 2019

Application on bisque ware or leather hard or greenware (not bone try). Hold the oxide bearing side of the decal against the pot. Stroke with wet brush to transfer. To transfer 100% of the oxide from the paper to pot. Peel away the paper.

This is my personal favourite glaze recipe, you can use any type of glaze you desire, feel free to experiment and have fun!

All translucent glaze and celadon glaze can be applied with our decal, Below is our glaze recipe, feel free to experiment with your own glaze recipe.

Underglaze Transfer Glaze Recipe

Clear Gloss Cone 6 (Cone 5-7), from
20 x 5 Glossy Base Glaze
20% Silica
20%Frit 3134
20%Potash Feldspar
This clear transparent gloss can be adjusted to add colors:

Add 10% - 15% superpax for white

Add 4% cobalt oxide for deep blue

Add 1.5% cobalt carbonate + 1% copper carbonate for bright med blue


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December 05, 2019

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